A collection of side-projects over a period of time. There are network utilities, mobile applications, chrome extensions, web pages, and sometimes simply experiments.

Keystroke-biometric Authenticator

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A key-stroke biometric authenticator for Android, which uses machine learning on various signals such as the typing heatmap, area of touch, pressure and so on to authenticate users. The current model is around 70% accurate. This was a Hackathon project at HackGT 2015.


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A Google Chrome extension that simplifies the user experience and reduces the learning curve for diverse user interfaces on the web. WebBro won the Microsoft Prize for the best use of Azure Cloud Technology at TAMUHack 2014.


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A chrome extension that uses Soundcloud’s API and presents an embedded music player, along with search and genre functionality. An extension I use to this day!

Time Manager

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A time tracking todo-list to keep track of productivity. It was an experiment to explore ActionbarSherlockFragments, ViewPagers, TabHosts and aChartEngine


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A python-based implementation of a bot for the IRC protocol which counts the incidence of certain words on a channel. It was used to create a monitor to help find the relative popularity of various programming langauges on freenode channels.


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A content manangement system for TAMU faculty to showcase their research and areas of interest. I served as Scrum Master and principal developer on this project.


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A chrome extension that adds tagging and retrieval for bookmarks. It can act as as substitute for tools like Pocket that manage and categorize bookmarks.

Windows Network Tools

Port Monitoring Tool: link
IP Address Manager: link

Tooling in Visual Basic .NET to facilitate easier management and monitoring of windows networking.


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An application that allows emulation of users of XMPP services and generates replies using an implementation of first order Markov Chains.